What Does a Guy Want?

Part 5: A Little Kindness
They really do want a little kindness. You know the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, a smile, one word of thanks of praise, is worth a thousand other gestures.
Did you know?
Did you know that guys, even the toughest guys, are just big softies at heart? It’s true! One woman that I know says that her suave, sophisticated husband goes from having an impenetrable exterior when he is doing business to being the most sensitive, soft guy when he is home alone with her. If you ignore something nice that your man does for you, it will really hurt him. . .even if he doesn’t let you see that. Maybe he hasn’t even let you see the really soft side of him yet! Don’t despair, for it is there!
It gives you an advantage. . .
Yes, your man’s deep seated desire for kindness really does give YOU an advantage. Your man will do almost anything for kindness (and some time in bed with you, but that is beside the point right now). A man will do anything just to see you break out in a smile.
So, you can most certainly use this to your advantage. Now, don’t take advantage of your guy – if you take advantage of him more than a few times he will catch on and become wary of your kindness, which you never want to have happen. However, if you are kind, if you smile and praise him and thank him and compliment him, you will have him eating out of your hand. You will be the best thing since grandma’s cookies.
Of course, please don’t get too carried away. You still want to be genuine, and only compliment him if you can give a genuine compliment. Are you thinking, “he’s a guy – how much is there to compliment?” Well, first of all if you are falling in love with this guy, hopefully there are lots of things you can find that you like and that you can complement! Second, just look on the bright side of things. There are almost always two ways you can look at things, so try looking on the positive. Instead of thinking “what a male chauvinist” when your man opens the door for you, think “he is such a gentleman and is so good at noticing what I need.” Then tell him the good side – complement him and show a little kindness.
On a side note, a guy will think you are fake if you are good and kind to him but yell at the waiter and bad mouth the people around you.

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