What Does a Woman Want

Part 4: A Man
A woman wants a manly man. She doesn’t want a guy who is afraid of spiders. A guy who will join her squealing at mice just doesn’t make the cut as her knight in shining armor. So man up and be a man.
More than a gentleman..
Yes, please do be a gentleman! You will certainly impress and please your date that way! Please do also be a manly man. Do you really not like bugs? Well, man up and get over it! Are you artistic or musical? There is certainly nothing wrong with that! Just temper the indoor artsy side of you with a good helping of the gym or some sport. After all, that little bit of extra muscle certainly won’t hurt you in your date’s estimation.
Become the man you want to appear to be
I know you want to be thought a tough guy, a hero – maybe you already are! – and possibly you even want to be thought of a little bit as a macho man. Then overcome your fears! Like I said earlier, get that gym membership. Pick up a new sport or activity: try rock climbing, biking, or even swimming.
Do you feel you are lacking in ambition? Then look deep inside yourself and draw back out the ambition that I know you once had. A woman loves it when a man has plans, when he is moving forward with his life, when he isn’t sitting still and waiting for something to happen. It gives a woman a subconscious sense of security.
Also, do not be a nerd. Nerds are very nice and sweet, but they do not turn women on. You can be a geek or a closet geek….but please, please, please do not act really, well, geeky. A manly man can wear glasses and look hot in them, but a guy who acts and looks like a geek will just look more geeky in glasses. So pull yourself together! Look people in the eye, especially your date. Put gel in your hair. Show off the best features of your body: do you have muscular arms? Wear a short sleeved shirt. Do you have a broad chest and shoulders? Let your shirt have to stretch across them to stay on you.
Please, be yourself. While a woman wants a manly man who isn’t afraid of spiders and mice and who doesn’t play videogames all day, your date wants you. So please be true to yourself and enjoy your evening!

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