What Does a Woman Want?

Part 5: A Cup of Kindness
Yes guys, really. She wants kindness. Does it sound too easy? Does it sound too hard? It is neither. It CAN be the simplest thing in the world, it usually isn’t the hardest thing in the world, and most of the time it is somewhere in between.
When it’s hard to get the words out
Sometimes it you can see the perfect time to give your woman a compliment, but you just can’t get the words out until it is too late. . .and then you have missed your opportunity. Please don’t beat yourself up over it. Your woman probably understands that, as a guy, you speak quite a few less words during the day than she does and that you have a rather hard time, comparatively, expressing yourself and your feelings. Okay, maybe you are GREAT at expressing your feelings and at giving out compliments! Good for you! Life and relationships will be so much easier for you.
If you do happen to be one of the millions of men who have a hard time expressing yourself in words, just try expressing yourself in a way you are very adept at employing: your actions. SHOW her that you like her, love her, etc. Open the door for her, pull out her chair for her, serve her a drink first. . . If you are eating at home – hers or yours – clear her plates for her, offer to do dishes, get her to put her feet up. She has probably been working as much as you have been today, handling more stress, and hasn’t put her feet up. You will make her swoon with these little acts of kindness.
Bring her roses, even if it isn’t a special occasion. Does she like chocolate? Bring her some on your next date or after a long day. Have you been dating for a while and you two are going over to each others homes more often? Take her out for dinner after a long day or at the end of a long and stressful week – she will really appreciate not having to think about cooking and not having to do the clean up. In other words, do things for you woman. Notice what she needs or might like – maybe a foot rub? – and then DO it!

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