What Does a Woman Want?

Part 3: A Nice Dresser
That’s right guys, you heard me. Dress up. Put on clothes especially to impress your date. People – any single person – who see you walk into, say, a restaurant will judge you by your appearance first. If they think you look acceptable then they might let you form their opinion of them by what you say and what you do. Still, it is the first rule of first impressions that LOOKS are worth millions.
You don’t have to be the best looking man in the world
Okay, maybe you are. Who am I to judge!
…your date DOES want you to look good for her. That means put on clean clothes! And take a shower! Actually, do that in the reverse order…. Put on deodorant, and cologne. Wow her from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
In order to wow her like this, please do put on clothes especially to impress your date. Unless you are a high-flying business man with tailored suits and three-hundred dollar shoes and you know your date wants that look, please change out of whatever clothes you work in before going on a date. If you really and truly are so pressed for time that you can’t change out of your business suit or whatever it is you wear during the work week, please unbutton your collar, don’t leave your tie on, unbutton the first couple buttons on your shirt, roll up your sleeves – you want a sexy, casual look that says you have all the time in the world for you date. It will put you both at ease.
Now, please, please, please do not get so casual that you throw fashion to the wind! This is NOT the way to impress your date! Make sure you are wearing relatively new clothes, that the colors you are wearing don’t clash, and that you remembered the deodorant and cologne!
With all of that said, please do remember to be yourself. Dress how you feel comfortable, in the clothes that make you feel sexy and confident.

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