What Is Emotional Cheating?

You and your partner have been having some issues for some time. In fact you’ve even noticed a difference in his behavior. There has no signs of “cheating” but you noticed your boyfriend is now more distant that ever. While he may have not physically cheated on you, there might be emotional cheating occurring between your guy and someone else.
So what is emotional cheating? It’s basically an affair or relationship without the inclusion of physical intimacy. While your partner may be committed to you physically still, he might be emotionally unfaithful. An affair of this sort can start off as just a friendship between two people. Gradually, the two begin to develop feelings for each other and will find reasons to spend more time together.
Now it’s important to distinguish between a friendship and emotional cheating. If your partner willingly shares things with you about his relationship with the other person, then he may just have a great friendship with the person. The red flags should appear if he chooses to hide things from you or refuses to indulge in any information. Like physical cheating, if it’s something you would not want your partner to know, there is something wrong. There should be no reason he needs to be deceptive or secretive.
Another sign to determine if perhaps he is having an emotional affair is how your relationship is. Are you two fighting more? Is there a decrease in chemistry between the two of you? If you notice your partner prepping himself only for when he heads out and not when you two are going out, let it be a warning sign. He should always want to look attractive for you, since you are his partner. Also, if you noticed he has grown very attached to his phone suddenly for no reason, it may be a sign he’s getting a little too cozy with someone else.
Emotional cheating can be a tricky topic. Your partner might feel he’s done nothing wrong since nothing physical happened, but emotional cheating can be more harmful than being physically unfaithful. Being emotionally invested in a person can be the ultimate betrayal since he is giving his heart and soul to another person rather than you. Take the time to distinguish between a friendship and emotional cheating because you come to any conclusions.

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