What Should You Do if Your Parents Don’t Like Your New Boyfriend

Your parents have vocalized they do not like your new beau. Don’t be quick to get defensive and angry with them. Like all parents, yours are probably concerned about whether or not he’s the right guy for you. Instead of getting worked up, assess your current situation and find a way to fix the issue.
Don’t avoid your parents. If your parents are extremely disapproving of your new guy, sit down and have a long chat with them. Listen to why they don’t approve before you get defensive. By being open with them, they will appreciate you are taking the time to see the direction they are coming from. Once they have explained how they felt, tell them to at least give your guy and the relationship a real chance. First impressions aren’t always the best so your folks just might need some time to warm up to your man.
Now if your parents are being extremely critical and unjustified in their opinions about your boyfriend, you will need to put your foot down. While it’s not ideal to have a screaming match with your family, explain to them why you are happy with him and ask them to respect your choices. Make it clear you understand they are just concerned for your well-being and are being protective but making unnecessary judgments about your guy is not cool.
Once you have communicated with your parents and both sides understand the situation, make sure to go to family gatherings and bring your boyfriend with you. It may be a little uncomfortable at first but including him in social events or him being involved can show your parents he’s not a bad guy after all. Make sure he makes some effort in getting to know your folks as well. In the end, even if they don’t like him, they should respect him.
It can take some time for your parents to warm up to your new partner. Just remember to not have their opinions of him sway you into convincing yourself he’s not for you. Your parents may just be overprotective or extremely critical of any guy who is with their daughter. As long as you communicate with your family and express how you feel, they need to respect your choices and decisions when it comes to the relationships you have.

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