What to do if You Cheat?

Sometimes we can make a decision we regret. Let’s say you made the mistake of being unfaithful to your partner. What do you do now? Before you rush to confess your sin, take a moment and think about what you should do. Sometimes telling your partner your infidelity might bring the relationship to the point of no return.
When you commit adultery, there may be a reason behind the act. If you are finding yourself unhappy with your current partner, you need to understand why that is. Do you truly love and care for your partner? Can you see yourself having a long term relationship with the guy? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. If what you did was a one-time thing, it might be better for you to keep mum about it, unless you can’t stand to hide the truth from him. I say this because once you break his trust, things may never be the same. If you are honestly remorseful and contrite about your actions, put all your attention on your partner and make a true effort to have a great relationship and life with him. Everyone makes mistakes, just don’t repeat it.
Now if you are having a long term affair with someone other than your partner, it’s time to be true to yourself and your man. Be prepared to feel and listen to the consequences of your actions. He will be hurt, angry, and there may be a high chance the relationship is over. But you knew what you were doing when you decided to have a full blown relationship with someone else. In the end, it’s not fair to anyone, including yourself. Don’t keep your current partner in the dark if you are just stringing him along.
Love is not black and white. There are many shades of gray and you need to determine what the right decision is. If what you’ve done is eating you up inside, then tell your partner. After dealing with the initial reaction, your relationship may need to some rebuilding, but it can come out stronger than what it was. Don’t think this will be a quick fix, cheating is a serious offense. You have betrayed your partner emotionally and physically. He will need time to give you his trust and himself fully to you again.

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