When Should You Move In?

You two have both been dating for a while and now the question has come up on whether or not you should move in. Before you jump the gun and say “yes!” you need to take into consideration some things. Not only do you need to think about the immediate future, you need to think long term as well. When you move in with someone you aren’t just bringing your possessions to a new home, you are also opening yourself to the person and accepting their current situation as well.
Moving in might be a great idea initially. You will lighten your financial load and be able to live with your partner and see him every day. Now if you are only choosing to move in because it will help you with your finances, you will regret it. You need to be emotionally ready to move in with someone else. Not only will you gain a “roommate” you will also get his habits and baggage as well. This rule also applies if you want to escape your current living situation. Don’t use your partner and moving in with him as a solution.
When you move in with someone, it should mean you want to have a long term relationship with him. Don’t move in with him if your relationship is already on shaky grounds or you can’t see yourself spending your life with him. If you two move in together and break up a few months later you will deal with many headaches. You will have to figure out who stays, the lease, and who gets to keep what possessions along with many other things.
The best time you should move in is when you both feel you are ready to take on this new adventure together. Don’t force the issue of moving in with him unless he is open to talking about it. You should wait at least six months of being in a full committed relationship before you even think of anything as long term as moving in with someone. If you both are emotionally ready for this milestone then you can take the necessary steps to moving in or getting a new place together.

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