Where is the romance

Where is the romance
One of the biggest frustrations among many couples, and, mainly women is the lack of romance that exists in their relationship. It is not uncommon to hear complaints of how it used to be so romantic and all the different gestures that the couple showered each other with in the beginning stages of the romance. Somehow, over time, relationships seem to fall into a rut or, maybe not even a rut, but a comfortable pattern and couples seem to keep moving forward with no romance. This isn’t just unhealthy because one of the people in the relationship is upset about the lack of romance; it is unhealthy because romance is needed to keep the relationship alive. You do not have to be the most romantic couple around, or spend a lot of money to create romance, but some effort should be made in this area of the relationship, especially if your partner is someone who is in need of romance. You can, over course, do typical romantic things to keep the romance alive and those include sending flowers, candies, or a gift for no reason but those almost seem too predictable. A romantic gesture should be something unique, either planned or spur of the moment. Sometimes the most romantic moments are unplanned and spontaneous, however, there has to be a willingness to let loose and embrace the moment. There are many different ways to be romantic or to bring romance back into the relationship and you can even find ideas online. Try a few out and reestablish the romance in your relationship. Although it may be comfortable at first, overtime, it will become natural and even exciting. Romance is not just in the bedroom, it can be anytime and anywhere. Remember, romance works both ways. Couples need to give and take to keep the romance alive and fun.

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