Where your investment is, there your heart is!

The old saying “where your investment is, your heart will also be” is very true when it comes to love and relationships. Couples that invest time, energy and care into their relationship will reap the benefits of a healthy union with minimal strife. The return on their investment will be great. However, those couples that through their actions, do not regard their relationship as a priority, will ultimately suffer. They will reap a return, but it will be quite the contrary to the couple that invested in the relationship. Investing in your relationship is so important because you are taking the time to nurture it, love it and see it grow. Spending time together, communicating, and working through rough patches as a team, rather than opposition will result in a closer and tighter relationship. Unfortunately, many relationships fall into patterns or ruts and each partner slowly begins to take the other for granted. Sometime words are exchanged that are hurtful, and even demeaning, and that is not investing in the relationship, but rather taking from it. If you are tearing down your partner, you are also tearing down your relationship. Many couples communication gets drastically reduced as the relationship grows. There are jobs, responsibilities, and eventually, kids factor into the equation. However, take the time to make effort by leaving little notes, texts, and capitalizing on every moment to communicate. Never miss an opportunity to compliment your partner, for anything. It doesn’t and should always be about how they look. Try to be creative and extend appreciation for the things your partner does. Finally, never miss an opportunity to hug, hold hands or kiss. Although this may sound silly, the physical closeness of a couple is very bonding and keep couples close. In busy lives, efforts need to be made to make the relationship as strong as it can be and investing in your relationship will get you a good healthy return.

Looking your best
Believe it or not, appearance is still important in a relationship, even after a couple has been together for years. No, you cannot expect your partner to look identical to when you met; however, they should do their best with their appearance. Sure, this may sound superficial but it isn’t at all. When couples get together, there is typically a physical attraction that draws them to one another and this is natural. Couples should want to look their very best for each other, and although overtime, it gets hard, that does not excuse effort from being made. It is true that many age more gracefully than others, and many struggle with their weight, but little things can be done to help combat those natural aging tendencies. For example, everyone has heard the term “a frumpy woman” or even a “frumpy man” and, we have all seen them. Couples should not allow them to fall into the frumpy place. If weight is the issue, then try to diet and exercise. You do not have to be model thin, and you don’t have to be the weight you were when you first got together, but it is important to work hard and maintaining your weight for your partner. Many men do not groom enough, and they should! Some women may not be big proponents of makeup, but, a little makeup does go a long way and can help enhance some already natural feature. Couples owe it to their relationship to be putting their best foot forward in every possible way, and that means physically as well. You do not have to spend hours on your appearance, however, when you do take a little time to look your best, for your partner, it will pay off. Just because you have won them over, does not mean you should stop trying to attract them

Awkward moments
When you are dating, whether it is your first, second or even third date, there still can be some awkward moments. Because you do not know each other well enough, and of course, there are still a lot of nerves between both of you; there can often be those awkward moments of silence. These moments can feel like hours and, be very nerve racking. Often, panic will set in because you don’t want the other to think you are boring, shy, or have nothing to say, and for the most part, that doesn’t happen, however, it is a great concern. Try to allow the awkward moments to resolve through natural conversation and not forced. Just take a deep breath, and move forward, you can even joke about the uncomfortable silence and get it out in the open and that will take a lot of tension off both of you. What you do not want to do is fill the silence with rapid fire interrogation questions to your date, especially, if you really were not interest in that information at that time. You will not remember the answers to those questions because your focus is not on them; your focus is on getting through that silent awkward moment. It is important to remember that silent moments are okay and people should not read into those moments as any more than what they are, just a silent moment. Couples that have been together for many years can be on a date and have many silent moments; however, the difference is, and they are okay with the silence because they understand it is normal. Everyone seems to understand that those moments are normal; however in new dating situations, it is easy to forget. A silent moment here and there is okay but if the entire date is filled with silence, then you may have legitimate concerns.

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