Why Being Too Nice Can be Bad for Your Relationship

You may want what is best for your partner but it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own happiness in order to achieve it. If you find that you are consistently putting your partner’s needs before yours in order to avoid conflict and disapproval then it’s highly likely that you are too nice. Constantly being too nice can also cause resentment and issues in your relationship down the road. Here are some reasons why being too nice is bad for your relationship.
• You sacrifice your happiness. You need to find a balance between making sacrifices to make your partner happy and yourself happy. Sacrificing all your needs to make your partner will lead to short term happiness. Soon you will find yourself resentful that you never get your way or what you want and you will have no one else to blame except yourself.
• Your relationship can become boring. No one is saying you should fight with your partner but always giving in to their every whim can lead to a predictable and boring lifestyle. You will also never express yourself if you never allow it. Your partner also might become bored with you as well since you never put an input into the relationship. In fact she can get sick and tired of hearing “whatever you want to do.” So make sure to tell your partner if you don’t want to do something, the surprise will be welcomed!
• It puts pressure on your partner. Since you always have your partner make the decisions, it can put a bit of pressure on them to always make the right one. She can grow resentful that you never want to take charge and make a decision when it comes to the relationship. If you’re being nice all the time because you don’t want to take charge and make the important decisions in life, then your reasoning for being nice isn’t a good one.
It’s not the greatest thing to be known as the nicest person all the time. Make sure that you take a stand and make decisions when it comes to your happiness as well. You never want your partner to think that you are shirking away from your responsibilities in your relationship because you don’t want to take charge. Also you don’t want to sacrifice your needs and wants in order to make your partner happy (in the end it won’t make her happy because you aren’t happy). Find a balance and you will be able to have a healthy relationship.

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