Do you love life? Do you see the beauty in the things around you? Do you find people interesting to just watch? Would you consider yourself a positive person? Yes, we’re talking about outlook here. Outlook is so important. It affects the amount of pleasure and enjoyment that YOU get out of life, and it also affects how attractive you are. Men love enthusiastic women who smile and enjoy living! And, despite the intrigue that some people who belong to the brooding artist type or the wounded soldier type might have, women are attracted to men who enjoy living. Believe me, a woman (or a man) does not want to live with someone who is down in the dumps all the time and who always needs consolation and cheering up! That is just depressing!
Don’t stretch it too far
As always, you don’t want to take anything to the extreme. Please do not be bouncing off of the walls with enthusiasm all the time! Also, please do not be smiling all the time, cracking jokes all the time, or teasing all the time – anything done all the time (except for kindness) gets really, really tiresome. You can definitely dislike something! You do not have to find everything wonderful. In fact, it is your likes and dislikes and the little bit of mystery and quirkiness that you carry around inside of you that makes you interesting – nay, fascinating!
Don’t get discouraged
If you are having a bad day one day – if you are down in the dumps and a bit depressed – please do not think that you are suddenly sinking into a terrible outlook on life and that everyone will hate you! Everyone gets a little bit depressed now and again, even the best of us. It is these things that make you human, that make you interesting.
I know that no one likes to be down in the dumps or depressed – no one likes the thought of being that way, either. However, it is a fact of life. Imagine something worse, though: a world where no one ever, ever stopped smiling. Can you imagine someone smiling all the time, from the time they open their eyes to the time they go to sleep? And they only smile more when they go from feeling normal to feeling happy? That is creepy. . .
To wrap things up. . .
So, please let me just remind you: please try to always look on the positive side of things – always be an optimist. However, do not despair that you are becoming unattractive via one day of being down in the dumps. Your girlfriend/boyfriend should only feel sympathy for you.

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