You Don’t Like His Friends, Now What?

Friends are essential to life. They help you grow as a person, so you know it’s important to include your boyfriend’s buddies in the picture. But you have a small problem. You can’t stand them. This isn’t a unique scenario in the slightest but you are treading on dangerous grounds. How you deal with it can have certain consequences and ramifications in your relationship.
It’s never a good idea to tell your boyfriend you don’t want him to see his friends anymore because you don’t like them. It puts him in the middle and can lead to resentment. If you know you can’t even tolerate being around his friends, have him hang out with the guys alone while you go out and do your own thing with your friends. By doing this, you aren’t making him choose between you and his friends. Even if you don’t trust his friends, trust that he will be on his best behavior. Don’t give him a hard time when he wants to see his friends. He probably doesn’t see them as much as he wants to since he knows how you feel about them.
If you do have certain events you need to go to, let’s say a wedding, don’t be introverted and rude. Also, don’t cop an attitude with your boyfriend or give him a hard time. The way you act with him around his friends can affect how his friends feel about you. Dreading the event can make things worse as well. Instead, go to the event with an open mind, you never know, your opinions on them may change. Chances are, if you initiate a conversation, they will be more than happy to talk to their bud’s girlfriend.
Dealing with friends you don’t like can be tricky. Remember that they were in his life before you two even met so they are a very important part of his life. Restricting him from seeing them will not bode well for your relationship. If you don’t like his friends because they are wronging him in some way, then it’s best to express why you feel the way you do about them. Now if you just don’t care for them because of personality clashes, don’t be selfish, let him enjoy the company of his friends.

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