Your Dating Profile Interests

The “interests” section of a dating profile can be a source of much angst and confusion. What do I say are my interests? What will make me sound cool and sophisticated so someone will choose me?

When on-line dating began back in the mid-1990’s it carried a bit of a stigma as being desperate and dangerous. Not so, any more. It’s estimated that there are 20 million (yes, million) people using on-line dating services every MONTH! So any fears that you won’t be contacted, or that you can’t find someone to date should be put to rest. Of those 20 million users, most of them are just like you, regular everyday people, with a vast variety of interests, looking to make a love connection.

Creating an engaging and interesting profile will go a long way towards finding dates with the type of people whom you might really connect with. The best profiles are short and concise. Anyone faced with a novella of information once they click on your profile will be turned off by that much heavy reading, and most likely not bother to contact you. Since you only have limited words, make them count and be honest!

Let’s start with what a good profile should have in it. People looking for love want to find someone who shares their interests. If you like to go hiking, are into taking French cooking classes and square dancing, write that, specifically. There are no right or wrong interests (unless you list making and selling meth as a interest) there are just your interests. If you say you like to travel, follow that up with where you have traveled and where you would like to go. If you say you’re active, follow up with how you’re active. For example: I go to yoga three times a week, take salsa-dancing lessons and ski 8-10 weekends a year.

You will lessen your chances of engaging someone if your profile is vague or worse, inaccurate. Saying you love all types of music has a false ring to it. People rarely love heavy metal and opera equally. List the bands and types of music you like specifically. If you say you love to travel because you think it makes you seem more worldly, but the only plane tickets you buy are to visit your sister in Ohio, that’s not being honest. If you hate to travel, say so.

The key to really finding someone on-line is to be your true self. Trust me, there are people out there with the same likes and dislikes. Sure that sounds sophisticated and hip, but if it’s not for you, don’t pretend otherwise.

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