Your Girlfriends Don’t Like Your New Beau

Your girlfriends are your support system and are extremely excited about meeting your new beau. But now that they’ve met him, they don’t like him. Instead of shooting down all their reasons for why they don’t like him, take the time to listen to what they have to say. Friends are not only your support; they can look at the situation more objectively and tell if you if something isn’t right.
Don’t just brush off your friends as being territorial if they have expressed their dislike for your new man. If they have reasons why he’s not the best, listen to what they say. For example, if they tell you he reminds them of all your other ex-boyfriends, it may be time to broaden your dating horizons. There are reasons your past relationships didn’t work out.
If your boyfriend was rude to your girlfriends during their first meeting, this should cause a red flag to go off in your head as well. Your boyfriend should want to meet the people you hold dear to you. If he doesn’t make an effort at all to get to know your friends or seems bored every time you are all together, he doesn’t care about getting to know the people who helped shaped your life. Now let’s say your boyfriend tried too hard at the first get together, chalk it up to nerves and tell your friends to do the same. Hopefully he’ll feel more relaxed the more everyone hangs out with each other.
Another reason they may not have the best impression of him is you. Yes, if you tend to talk to them about every little fight you two have, they only know all the negative aspects of your relationship and will wonder what positive things he brings to the table. Keep mum about the small disagreements and let your friends form their own opinion of him when they meet him.
Constantly picking your beau over your girlfriends is another surefire way to get them to hate him. It’s never a good thing if you always choose to be with him rather than seeing them. Make sure to balance your time between the two groups. Also when you do see your friends, please don’t just talk about your relationship. Your buds will be grateful to have some girl time with you.

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