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How to Create a Dating
Profile for Shy Guys: Will
Mingle for Matches

Online dating is a great option for men that are more shy or introverted, but it can still be overwhelming.

How to Create a Dating Profile for Shy Guys: Will Mingle for Matches

Online dating is a great option for men that are more shy or introverted, but it can still be overwhelming.

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Modern online dating is a great environment for more subdued men. Unlike old school dating, going through the extremely awkward first steps to dating is much more tolerable with some space and a screen between you. This way, you can become completely comfortable with someone’s personality before you meet them for a real date.

Many guys find it difficult, though, to go through the process of creating their profile. It can be tough to find decent photos and write about yourself in a bio when you’re more reserved.

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Having a dating profile almost always outweighs the effort of making one, so here are some general rules to help you get started.

Fill your photos

Even if your introversion also includes being camera shy, there is no excuse for not adding great photos to your profile.

Your photos are what will capture the attention of your potential matches and convince them to click through to your profile. When you have well-selected photos right out front, there is very little standing in your way of getting swipes and general attention.

When you are more reserved, though, this can be one of the most difficult aspects of creating your profile. If you are not very social or confident, you likely tend to avoid the camera.

If you are struggling with this part, don’t worry, you’re not doomed. There are a couple things you can try that can make the photo section a bit less painful.

One of the best ways to capture some photo options without the embarrassment is to use a Bluetooth or wireless remote to click your own pictures from afar.

This way, you can create a mini photo shoot on your own and do away with the tension that comes with needing someone’s help.

Also, try to recreate poses you find that make the subject look confident and comfortable. While you may not feel it, at least one of your snaps should give off the idea that you were feeling self-assured.

Use different outfits and locations and before you know it you’ll have some photos that are perfectly suited to swiping!

Better your bio

Talking about yourself is a large part of online dating, so getting some practice in while writing your bio is a great idea.

Having a well-written bio on your profile is vital, not only for getting matches, but also for getting matches that are compatible with you. A bio that lets your personality shine through is going to attract the kinds of people you actually want to talk to.

Sure, there is some inherent awkwardness involved with writing about yourself and trying to come up with your best qualities, but there are some ways you can make it easier.

When writing your bio, it can help to think ahead of time about the qualities you want to add. If you want to include aspects of your personality, try thinking of the traits that you, your friends, or your family members like most about you. If you want to include some of your interests, think of the hobbies that you are most passionate about.

Another great tip is to seek the help of professionals who know what it takes for a dating profile to succeed. Especially when you find it difficult to talk about yourself in a way that feels natural, expert advice can make all the difference.

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Sell your sign-off

A huge win, especially for those that are shy, would be to have your matches reach out and message you first. With a good closing line at the end of your bio, this is possible.

Though we’re saying closing line, this kind of call to action can exist anywhere in your bio or even all throughout. This line can be a question, statement, or even a challenge – anything that urges your potential matches to reach out or makes it easy for them to initiate the conversation.

This line doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or perfectly smooth, it is just something to say, “if my bio seemed interesting to you, here’s something that would be a good conversation starter”.

You could add a simple sign-off about one of your biggest interests by asking their thoughts on it, saying they should ask you something about it, or adding a reference they might understand and want to discuss.

There are so many ways to create an effective line like this, so whatever you choose to write, just make it authentic to you and the right matches will be eager to talk.

Using this technique can easily get some of your matches to initiate conversation and, even better, when they do, it will be about something you enjoy and can discuss naturally.

Cue a connection

These general rules are a great place to start when attempting to create an online dating profile as a shy guy, but there is obviously a lot more that goes into making it successful.

Many men, introverted or not, tend to struggle with creating a profile when it is aimed at a little more than getting just a couple swipes. It is difficult to fit yourself into a few paragraphs and come off as attractive, but it’s even harder when the social aspect gives you added anxiety.

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