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What a Line: Writing a
Unique Tinder Tagline
for Girls

Ladies, if you want to capture your perfect match’s attention, you need a perfect Tinder tagline.

Meet My Match!

What a Line: Writing a Unique Tinder Tagline for Girls

Ladies, if you want to capture your perfect match’s attention, you need a perfect Tinder tagline.

Meet My Match!

Adding a unique tagline is a great way to attract matches and entice them to swipe or click through. Your tagline is just a short blurb that, when used correctly, will get you the swipes you are looking for.

Women tend to struggle most with thinking of a line that is original enough to stand out in a crowd of millions and also enticing enough to draw in potential matches.

Many spend so much time and energy looking for inspiration and trying to think of a flawless tagline on their own, only to come up short with a line that leaves a lot to be desired.

When you just want your profile to be completed correctly so you can revel in your new sea of swipes, there is no substitute for the help of seasoned professionals.

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If you want to capture the attention of matches that really matter…

A perfect Tinder tagline can take on many to date on the different forms; here are some categories to get you started.

Make if funny

Finding a partner you can laugh with often begins with a good joke. If you are looking for a relationship with someone who shares and appreciates your sense of humor, then it’s a good idea to add a glimpse of it into your tagline.

If you can stop someone’s constant swiping for a moment and make them smile with a quick joke, you will be seeing a lot more interest. Not only will swipers get a good feeling from your tagline, but they will also be starting to like your personality just because they liked your humor.

Your interactions will be off to a great start!

When attempting to write a funny tagline, it is best to first narrow down what you want it to be about. Your humor can be put on display using any topic so you might as well pick one that also tells your matches something about you.

This could be something that is a large part of your life, a goal you have for the future, or sharing a part of your personality. Whatever type of information you want to share in your line, you can form it into the perfect joke by adding sarcasm, a punch line, or some word play.

“I’m a lawyer so if you want to COURT me, just know the BAR is pretty high”

With your humor on display in your tagline, your profile will be irresistible to your potential matches!

Make it flirty

If you want your tagline to attract a smokin’ match, then you’ve got to add a little heat.

Adding a pick up line as your tagline is extremely common on Tinder for good reason. If it fits your personality, making your tagline a little flirty is a great way to grab attention and spark a romance. And though these flirty trends are all over Tinder, it doesn’t mean you can’t still pull it off in a unique way.

If you want to spice up your tagline, start by identifying what kinds of lines work best on you. Do you prefer something a bit goofy, something totally sappy, or something that’s classically romantic? Whatever your choice is, try to make your tagline fit that style.

Your perfect matches will fall for those same lines.

Once you know your favorite style you can begin narrowing down what you want to include in your line. This could be your career, your favorite hobby, a personality trait, or even just something fun about you. Whichever you want to share in your tagline can be made into a pick up line.

“I want someone to join me for a surf on the weekends. I’ll insist on paddling out first but you’ll get a good view!”

If you create an original and playful tagline, your matches won’t be able to resist flirting back!

And when coming up with that perfect line is easier said than done, get advice from one of our experts.

Our team releases you from the struggle by learning everything that makes you unique and crafting it into a perfect profile proven to get you more action!
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Make it informative

When you don’t want to write in another generic line, the best way to be different is to explain what makes you unique.

Using your tagline space to demonstrate who you are will not only show off what makes you special but it will also give those who share a common interest an easy reason to strike up a conversation.

First, start by deciding what it is that you want to share about yourself right away. Choose a topic that is a large part of your life and who you are, no matter if it’s one of your regular routines or an aspect of your lifestyle that your future partner would need to enjoy.

Whatever it is, if you’re genuine, likely your matches will be as well.

Once you’ve decided what to share, you can mold that information into any style tagline you’d like. You can make it funny, casual, flirty, or romantic all while giving your swipers a perfect hint at who you are and a reason to want to find out more.

“I spend most of my free time hiking, so if you can keep up you’ve peaked my interest!”

When you share a bit of yourself with your potential matches, they’ll be excited to join in on your favorite activities.

Make it descriptive

If you want your perfect match to exceed expectations, don’t be afraid to call out what you’re looking for.

If you use your tagline to describe the kind of person that would fit well with your lifestyle or personality, you’ll be easily capturing their attention. Not only will you be letting swipers know who would match you well but you’ll also be urging them to click through to find out why.

This kind of Tinder tagline can be used as a way to announce what kind of relationship you are looking for – something serious or more casual. You can use it to lay out your goals for the future or just as a way to point out
the type of person your ideal match would be.

Would your match be fun loving and outgoing or more subdued and introspective? Would your match want to move with you out of the country or stay close to family?

Seeking someone that wants to build something together. Could be made of Legos, could be made of love…

Writing the traits that appeal to you most will grab the attention of your swipers and make them want to find out why you’d be a good match!

Make it perfect

Creating a Tinder tagline is a great start to finding the matches of your dreams, but it’s not the only part of your profile that needs to impress.

A combination of eye-catching profile pictures, a catchy tagline, and a perfectly scripted bio needs to all come together in a way that accurately describes who you are and is irresistible to the matches you want!

We’ve been doing this long enough to know that if you are not getting the quality or quantity of matches you want, it’s because your profile isn’t living up to its potential.

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