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6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Dating Profile Username: Codename Cupid

When your dating profile has to stand out in a crowd of millions everything down to your username has to make a good impression.

Yes, I Want It Done For Me!

6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Dating Profile Username: Codename Cupid

When your dating profile has to stand out in a crowd of millions, everything down to your username has to make a good impression.

Yes, I Want It Done For Me!
Even though creating a username for your online dating profile is usually the last thing on your mind, it does deserve some consideration. Not only will your username be shown right out front along with your photos, but, on, some sites, it will also be what your matches think of you as until you swap real names.

Many people want to dive straight into adding pictures and writing their bio and don’t give too much thought to creating a username. This just-pick-something attitude coupled with the millions of usernames that are already being used can leave you with a less than ideal name.

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If you are ready to try to create your own username, though, here are some helpful tips that will get you started

Use your humor

If your wit stops for no one, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the free comedic space in your username.

Using your sense of humor to craft your profile name is a common, but effective, tactic. You get to demonstrate your unique comedic taste and draw in more matches that will find you hilarious.

You can use puns, bad jokes, dad jokes, and infinitely more in a way that is funny to you and shows your swipers a little more about you.

Exhibit your interests

I’ll bet you’ve got interests, or hobbies, or maybe even passions… so why not advertise them right out front?

Though you’ll be sharing these kinds of details in your bio, it can be a good idea to add one of your main interests to your username. This way, if someone who has similar interests catches a glimpse of your name, it will immediately draw them in to find out more.

Any hobbies can easily be crafted into a username if you utilize synonyms and play off the words to create something that nobody else has.

This will not only give you one more spot to tell people about yourself but it will also catch the eyes of your best matches!

Add your personality

Now all of those compliments you’ve received where people say “at least you’ve got a great personality” will finally be put to good use!

Jokes aside, we both know you’re the total package, so you might as well add some personality to your username to go along with the great looks in your profile pictures!

Adding this kind of interest to your profile name is another great way to call out to the swipers you actually want to date. Whether your personality is more serious, sappy, or sassy, you’ll attract like-minded matches by adding that flair to your username.

So, don’t miss out on those perfect matches because you’re struggling with the details.

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Show your taste

Maybe, like your tongue, you have great taste – if so, a perfect place to display it is in your username.

Many daters first bond over having a similar taste in music, movies, games, or even style. So if your personal taste is a big part of your life, you should share it with your potential matches right away.

You can reference little things from one of your favorite songs, films, trends, etc… and get the chance to really connect with the swipers that understand where it came from.

Your match will have an easy way to start a conversation with you and you’ll already share a common interest!

Be clear

Ironically, if you don’t want your potential matches to look right past you, your username needs to be crystal clear.

Unless you’re both coders, your match probably won’t want to spend time trying to decipher your username. For this reason, making sure the name you choose is not hard to read or just a jumble of letters and numbers will ensure they don’t move on rather than figure out what you mean.

This doesn’t mean that your name should be in perfect English with proper spelling, but it should be easily legible and come across as the name you intended.

This way your matches can spend more time with you and not on your name!

Make it memorable

I am not saying shock value above all else here, but creating a username that will be memorable will help set you apart from your competition.

Using a name that will easily stick in your swipers’ brains will not only keep you on their mind but also make your username stick out to them whenever they come across it.

Making a memorable username doesn’t have to mean something really well thought out, it could be something that’s unique, creative, or just really ridiculous.

Whichever way you go, you will catch your match’s eyes and their attention!

Make it complete

While crafting the perfect username can certainly have an effect on getting more matches, it is not the only part of your profile that needs to be optimized.

If you want your profile to be irresistible and to gain an impossible number of right swipes, then your profile pictures and bio will also have to be perfected.

Most of our clients think that they ended up with a decent profile but wonder why they are still missing the attention they wanted.

It is not because of you, it’s because of all of the subtle flaws in your profile!

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