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8 Tips for Choosing Men’s Dating Profile Pictures: Snap Pics, Get Clicks

Guys, listen up, you have only seconds to capture the attention of the dates you want, so adding half-hearted selfies is not going to cut it.

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8 Tips for Choosing Men’s Dating Profile Pictures: Snap Pics, Get Clicks

Guys, listen up, you have only seconds to capture the attention of the dates you want, so adding half-
hearted selfies is not going to cut it.

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If you want your profile to start catching eyes and gain matches, then you need to make sure the photos you choose are up to the challenge. First impressions are made on these photos, so choosing the wrong ones could turn away your best matches.

Often, men struggle with choosing their profile pictures when they don’t know the types of photos that will help them stand out and look attractive to their swipers. Then, when picking the wrong ones doesn’t lead to the matches they were hoping for, they feel frustrated.

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When choosing your dating profile photos, there are some rules you should adhere to. Here are some tips to get you started.

Good quality

Even Bigfoot would scrounge up a high-resolution photo if he were creating his own dating profile.

In today’s world of technology, there is little reason to add blurry or pixelated photos to your dating profile. Your potential matches want to be able to see you clearly and not wonder what you’re trying to hide with bad quality photos.

No matter how good you might look in big pixels, it’s best to swap it out with a recent, high-resolution photo.

You alone

Unless you’re hoping to find matches for all of your guy friends too, you should probably leave them out of your profile photos.

Your swipers want to see you and not your group of friends, so you shouldn’t waste your profile space advertising for other men.

Keep your photos about you and what you have to offer. There are going to be other opportunities for you to demonstrate that you have friends and a social life, so it doesn’t need to be right out in front.

Your matches will see your single photos as a sign that you are independent and have a full life on your own, and they’ll be ready to be a part of it!

Smiling (or not)

Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to give up the smolder look to have successful profile pictures.

You’ll find contradicting rules about this all over, but to your swipers it’s a very personal choice whether they want to see your smile or not.

If a smile feels natural to you and you have a good picture of you flashing your pearly whites, you should certainly add it to your profile. On the other hand though, if you just cannot seem to find a smiling picture that looks natural, feel free to skip it and opt for a more casual look.

Your matches will appreciate a serious, far-off look just as much as a wide grin

Full body

Your swipers are going to want to see full body, and I don’t mean a picture of your gelled up hair.

Though the majority of your photos can be from the waste up, you should include at least one recent full body picture. Seeing you in full will not only help them visually understand your overall look and dimensions a bit better, but it will also give them a better idea of your typical style.

Use this photo as an opportunity to show your matches what you look like when you clean up a bit and dress to impress. A nice outfit will feel more natural in a full photo and it will give you more confidence in showing your whole self off.

Your matches will be picturing themselves on your arm in that photo before you know it!

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No accessories

You should probably wait until your date flashes their bright smile before you try to show off your shades.

When it comes to your profile pictures, it is best to leave off the accessories like sunglasses and hats. If something like a hat is part of your daily look, then one photo with it on would be fine. Though, for the most part, your swipers are going to want to see what you look like without the additions.

The majority of the time, your prospects are going to see these accessories as distractions from what you look like. If used in all of your photos, they might assume you need the glasses or hat to look attractive.

This could turn away potential matches and leave you wondering where you went wrong, so leaving these out of the picture is best.

Show activity

If you’ve got interests that make you interesting… you might as well show them off in your profile photos!

If you have pictures of you on one of your weekly hikes or on your typical weekend trips to the beach, it’s a great idea to add one or two of these to your profile. Not only does this begin to show off a bit of your personality to
your matches, but it also gives off a fun and adventurous vibe.

These kinds of action photos are not something that you should try to create if it’s not true to who you are or your daily routines. Your best-suited matches are going to feel a connection with the photos of you that feel genuine.

So don’t stress if you don’t have a picture of you on a mountain, but if you do. all the better!

Go outdoors

Show your matches that you’d do anything for them, including getting out of your house!

Do this by adding some photos of you outdoors to your profile. Photos taken outside are usually better quality, but they also create the assumption that you are social and like to get out of the house once in a while.

Whether you’re a bit of a homebody or not, it is a good idea to try to get some outside photos. It will capture you in a good light and let your matches know that your dates won’t always be at home.

They’ll get excited hoping to join you on your next outing!

Stay modest

Your swipers don’t need to see the entire package right away – let them accept delivery and unwrap at their leisure!

You don’t want to force your potential matches to look at your shirtless photos before they get to know you. For most of your prospects, shirtless photos are an instant turn off no matter how many ab muscles you have.

Adding these kinds of photos to your profile is usually a warning that you have a conceited attitude. It is much more effective to show off your body by wearing tapered and well-fitting clothes in your photos.

This way, your matches will know you can be modest when it matters and they’ll let you know when you can switch it off!

A perfect profile

Putting all of these tips together is a perfect starting point to achieving a profile that is optimized to flood your inbox with the matches you want most.

Though your profile pictures are very important for capturing your prospect’s attention, it is only the first step. Once you gain the attention of a potential match, you have to wow them with your bio and convince them that you are worth getting to know.

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