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A Fine Line: Writing a
Unique Tinder Tagline
for Guys

Men, if your tagline isn’t impressing, you are missing out on so many
potential matches.

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A Fine Line: Writing a Unique Tinder Tagline for Guys

Men, if your tagline isn’t impressing, you are missing out on so many potential matches.

Match Me With My Expert!

A Tinder tagline is essentially your elevator pitch for anyone out there that’s swiping through. Not only does your tagline need to capture their attention, but it also has to be unique or intriguing enough to entice them to click.

Many men tend to struggle with that unique factor; most of you don’t consider yourselves wordsmiths, so you look to the internet for your perfect line.

Though, what you find out there tends to be overused and out of date, leaving you with an unoriginal and uninteresting tagline.

When you’ve only got a second to impress and earn that swipe, your tagline needs to be flawless. This is where some expert advice can help seal the deal.

Our expert writers know exactly what it takes to make your profile irresistible and your ideal matches swiping right on you!

Why wait for the attention you want?

There are multiple ways to make your Tinder tagline work for you; you just have to choose the category that fits you best.

Make them laugh

If you’re looking for a special someone that will tickle your funny bone… (wink) then you need to show off your unique sense of humor.

Getting your Tinder audience to smile or even chuckle a little is going to get you more interest and more clicks. If your sense of humor compliments theirs, they are already halfway sold to wanting to know you better.

The best way to come up with your own funny tagline is to first decide what message you’d like it to send. Sure, overall it’s going to be funny, but if you know you also want it describe your personality, a hobby, be about your job, or your lifestyle, then you already have a starting point.

Once you’ve narrowed down the general topic, you can add in your own comedic twist. You can poke fun at the topic, turn it into a pun, twist the meaning into something a bit flirty, or make it into a joke with a punch line.

My line: I’m just a sk8er boi Your line: Can I see you l8er boi?

However you decide to display your comedic style, it will encourage your crushes to swipe and get to know you better!

Hit on them

Do you want to be like a male cheerleader and learn how to successfully pick up women? Using your tagline space to add in the perfect pick up line is a classic move.

Whether you prefer the cheesy lines that make your swipers laugh, roll their eyes, and blush at the same time, or you like a more serious and romantic, make them swoon immediately kind of tagline, you can’t go wrong.

When you know the direction you want to take your pick up line, all you have to do is pick the subject. Again, this can be about almost anything as long as it actually pertains to you, your life, or the type of Tinder match you are looking for.

Let me take you out to a nice restaurant. Then, if it goes, we can even go inside and eat!

Tinder is known for its trending pick up lines, so making sure yours is unique and actually says something about you will help you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t let your swiper’s first impression of you be that you’re unoriginal…

And when it seems impossible to come up with a great tagline, help from a professional writer is all you’ll need to set you apart in a sea of other men.

Our team creates a profile that is custom made for you using proven methods that make you irresistible to swipe, match, and date!

Inform them

If your creepy doll collection is going to scare someone off, it might as well be right away.

Using your tagline to tell your potential matches a little about who you are is a great way to draw them in and break the ice. Writing a short line about something that is a huge part of your life or your identity will keep your swipers and matches well suited to you.

If you have interests or routines that are a big part of your day-to-day life, then it’s a great idea to put it out front. That way, your tagline will attract matches that share a similar view or enjoy the same hobbies.

Start with that central interest and shape it into something funny or flirty to make your swipers want to check out your profile!

My weekends are usually spent performing in the ring at the rodeo, so if you’re down to clown, let me know.

And if that interest happens to be a creepy doll collection, don’t worry; there’s a match for every man.

Describe them

Swiper? I hardly know her! Another great way to call the attention of your potential matches is to describe their personality or traits that would fit well with what you’re looking for.

This is not meant to be used in a vain way, just as a subtle call out to others that might be looking for something similar or someone that would like a man that appreciates those kinds of things about them.

This could be a tagline about what you’re on Tinder for; is it for some fun, a friend, or a full-blown relationship? Your line could also point to the kind of match you’re looking for, like someone who loves to be outdoors and just pick up and go, or someone who would want to stay close to home and put down roots.

This technique can be very effective at catching the eye of the ones to who might compliment you best. If you’d have no problem living with the bare essentials and being spontaneous, lets turn van life into van love! Not only do your matches get to know you but they can also decide if they could keep up!

Leave them wanting more

A perfect Tinder tagline can be a great tool, but it’s not the only part of your profile that needs to be flawless in order to attract the matches of your dreams!

Along with your tagline, your profile photos need to make you look appealing enough to get clicked on. Then, when your matches get to your bio, they’ll need to be convinced that you’re someone they want to get to know.

We have seen the most common mistakes and some of the worst profiles. If your Tinder profile isn’t getting you the quality or quantity that you want, it’s failing you.

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