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Writing a Funny Dating
Profile for Women: Will
Swipe for Stand Up

If your attempts at writing a funny dating profile are falling flat and you’re not sure how to work in your wit, keep

Get More Matches!

Writing a Funny Dating Profile for Women: Will Swipe for Stand Up

If your attempts at writing a funny dating profile are falling flat and you’re not sure how to work in your wit, keep reading!

Get More Matches!

Many women want to exhibit their sense of humor when crafting their online dating bio to see if potential matches can appreciate it. Not only is this a great way to begin to show off a bit of your personality, but it also gets your prospects smiling and feeling good while reading your profile!

And this means right swipes, new matches, and first dates!

It can be difficult, though, to know how to add humor to a short bio in an effective way without coming off as cheesy or extremely un-funny. Most women struggle enough trying to draft a profile that sounds natural and includes all the necessary information, let alone attempting to work in some comedy!

This is where recruiting a professional makes your life SO much easier.

Our team sets you up with your own personal expert that learns who you really are and creates your unique profile specifically curated to attract the matches you’re looking for!

The matches that are not finding you… yet!


Find your style

Even if your favorite bits come from a stand-up routine complaining about airline food, that’s still your style.

When trying to craft a funny profile, a great first step is identifying your go-to comedic routine.

You might be a very sarcastic, you have to be able to read between the lines type, a bluntly honest, if we don’t click, I’ll just ghost you type, or even a classic pun-loving, take me to a café and your chances improve a latte type!

Whatever your style, it’s best to write only the things you find actually funny and are naturally easy for you to insert, because those are the only details that will truly add to your profile.

Searching around for the perfect joke to complete your profile usually ends up sounding unoriginal and feeling forced. Your matches are reading through your bio to get to know you and your personality. So, if you want to add humor to your profile…

stick to what you know!

A little goes a long way

Though you are undoubtedly hilarious, your potential partner wants to know more about you than just your sense of humor. A funny profile does not have to be mostly jokes, sarcasm, or witty comments; your matches also want to read about you.

And that’s the real goal of your bio right?

Your about-me sections should largely focus on you; your hobbies, interests, pastimes, and personality. Though it is fun to read through a comedic profile, if your goal is to find a good match then you need to strike a balance.

Weaving a little taste of your humor into the facts your matches want to know is the best way to add that little spark without wasting precious profile space. Just begin to write about you and when some wit feels natural, add it in!

Like, “In my free time I’m always outside. Whether it’s surf, skate, or long… I’m never board!”

This way, your bio space is still fully utilized but you also get to sprinkle in a glimpse of your comedic style! If done correctly, this technique will always leave them smiling and wanting to find out more!

This balance can be hard to achieve though, many women end up with a profile that’s too serious and boring or too forced and cliché. When your profile is failing to attract the matches that you want, you need more than a copy and paste joke.

Work with us and start receiving the attention you want! Our professional writers craft your profile using their unique system proven to get you matching more often and with higher quality candidates!

Don’t force it

If you try bending your funny bone too much… it’ll break. Writing a truly funny profile is more of a personal process than you’d think.

Many women make the mistake of writing what they think their dream matches would like, but if it’s not in line with your own sense of humor, it will likely fail. These kinds of profiles usually feel like all the lines were found online and Frankenstein stitched together to form a monster of a bio.

Don’t scare off the villagers with your jokes…

Sounding sincere is a lot easier than trying to recycle other’s examples anyway. Don’t try to be someone you’re not in hopes of appealing to a larger group, when the matches you’ll be happiest to talk to are the ones who will like your own words most.

When writing your bio, if you draft something that just isn’t flowing or it just doesn’t sound like you – scrap it. Stay true to your sense of humor so you don’t feel like you’re performing a routine for your matches!

Your conversations will be effortless and your swipers will be better suited!

But, when multiple drafts aren’t feeling natural or getting you the notice you expecte

Let our experts help

When the funny isn’t flowing and your profile is reading like a bad script for an open-mic comic, you know you could use the talents of a professional.

There is so much more to your profile’s success than just injecting some humor and hoping the right matches will notice. Your photo selections need to be striking to stop the mindless swiping and your profile needs to be uniquely charming to get you the matches you want.

Our clients spend so much energy attempting to draft the perfect page only to watch it fade to the background and go unnoticed.

We have seen the simple mistakes it takes to tank a profile and we know exactly how to resurrect a lifeless bio.

Our expert help makes all the difference!

When you match with one of our expert writers,
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