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Get Real : How to Write a Serious Tinder Bio

Tinder isn’t exactly known as the place to find serious relationships, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t or can’t happen.

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Get Real : How to Write a Serious Tinder Bio

Tinder isn’t exactly known as the place to find serious relationships, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t or can’t happen.

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Writing a bio that is aimed at finding a steady partner can be difficult. You don’t want your profile to come off as too strict or boring and you don’t want it to give the impression that you are just looking for a fling.

The balance can be tricky to find, and many Tinder users go back and forth while writing a serious bio. Not only because it’s harder to walk that line, but also because the outcome matters more.

When you want to DTR (define the relationship) as a LTR (long term relationship), your profile needs to be built around a strong bio. This is where our expert help becomes invaluable.

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While crafting the perfect bio is best done by the experts, there are some general rules that can help get you started.

Be honest

You don’t need to lay out your 22-step, from dating to marriage, relationship plan in your bio, but you should be honest about what you’re looking for.

Just because Tinder is better known as a tool for hook- ups does not mean that there aren’t plenty of matches for you that also want something with more potential. If you are honest about what you are hoping to get out of Tinder, those other serious prospects will find you and be excited to already know your intentions.

This doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate your entire bio to explaining the exact kind of relationship you want. There are plenty of subtle ways you can make your intentions known without scaring people off.

“I’ve always been close with my family and I am excited to meet someone that would want to join”

This is a very clear way to let your swipers know what your ultimate goal is without making it sound like you are looking for instant commitment. You’ll be able to attract serious prospects without your bio reading as too intense.

You’ll have matches lining up in your inbox to get serious with you!

Be yourself

If your natural state is a goofy, impossibly long board game playing, weird trivia fan – let your uniqueness show!

One of the most effective, yet underused, ways to gain the attention of serious matches is to write a bio that feels true to you. This means adding in the unique hobbies and passions you have in life to your Tinder bio.

Where many people go wrong is thinking that their bio should be more general in order to appeal to a wider range of swipers. However, when you are hoping to find a perfect match, these are the kind of facts that will draw them in and entice them to get to know more about you.

“I am a van life lover and am almost always planning my next adventure”

By being yourself, you might be turning away some prospects, but the ones that stick around are going to be a much better match! And when you want to skip straight to the magic of a perfect match…

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Be informative

Your bio doesn’t have to read like an instructional manual on how to get to know you, but it should contain a bit more real information than those simply looking to hook up.

The typical Tinder bio, focused on finding something casual, can afford to be a bit silly and just follow the trends because their goals are a lot simpler. For those that want something that lasts, though, your bio needs to give your potential matches the information that matters.

When another serious dater finds their way onto your bio, they are going to want to actually learn a bit about you. They will know that you are a more serious match because you took the time to write down the things that make you who you are.

“My down time is usually spent on something creative like working on my latest diy obsession, finishing some of my graphic design pieces, or even just a puzzle”

By adding in real information about yourself, you are setting up the foundation of what could become a true match. The ones that find your facts attractive are going to be the ones that are easy to keep around.

Be successful

While the above guidelines will certainly enhance your Tinder bio, there are many more steps to capturing the attention of your perfect match.

Even if you can figure out how to draft the perfect paragraphs for your bio, if your profile pictures and tagline aren’t impressing, you will miss out on so many matches!

Maybe even the match!

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