Online Dating Profile Writing Service for Men & Women

Want More Dates? More Steamy Romance? More Women?

(Now Get Quicker and Eager Responses
From Women On your Dating Profile
Even If You Don’t Have Exceptional
Communication Skills)

Want More Dates? More
Steamy Romance? More

(Now Get Quicker and Eager Responses
From Women On your Dating Profile
Even If You Don’t Have Exceptional
Communication Skills)

Want More Dates? More Steamy Romance? More Women?

(Now Get Quicker and Eager Responses From Women On your Dating Profile Even If You Don’t Have Exceptional Communication Skills)

If you’re sick and tired of women ignoring you
messages and pulling away, then keep reading… Those days will be over soon. How? Let’s find out.

Get Me the Dates

Do you find online dating hard and depressive?

Chances are, you don’t get replies to the messages sent to numerous women on multiple dating platforms

Come to think of it; your profile is on point, your pictures are sexy too, and you’re quite charming when you talk face-to-face…

But you still don’t receive any reactions from the cute girls!

No dates, no intimacy, no romance!

You think to yourself, “How is it that the average-looking Joe turns up with a new date every weekend, while I can’t make it through the inbox”…

Well, here’s the secret no one ever told you about…
There are only two types of men who succeed on online dating platforms:
  • First, those who look like David Beckham… ( can’t do much about it, can you?
  • Second, those who are witty and eloquent writers ( it’s okay to get some help, eh? )
 So, unless you look like a ten with an absolutely photogenic body, the only way to attract smokin’ hot girls is to have fabulous writing skills …

Because trust me, the competition is fierce!!

It’s no news that men outnumber women on dating profiles so each lady has plenty of suitors lining in her inbox!

That’s where our unique new service comes into the picture!

Introducing; Dating App Text Messaging Service by

The stress-free way to double your responses, dates, and
matches on online dating platforms in half the time…
No matter your history, communication skills, or

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Does that interest you?
I’ll tell you how it works in just a moment…

But first, we need to talk seriously about what usually plays in your head when you spend countless hours typing, erasing, retyping, and deleting the texts…

Do you say “hi” and wait for 6 hours to get the ball rolling? Do you say something corny to get a reply? Or do you act polite to keep a safe distance?

Do you pour your heart out and express your desires clearly? Does trash talk work or sweet talk?

Now, remember, no two women will reply to the same opening message or conversation technique!

Because every girl is distinctive and needs to be approached differently!

So what worked for your friend to pick up the hot chick will be dismissed completely by the girl you swiped on the dating website…

Create an Extraordinary First Impression to Land a Date

So, all you need is a little help from our dating writers who have years of experience in writing dating profiles and messages for apps as well as websites including Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, OkCupid, Hinge and more.

As cliché as it may sound, first impressions is the last impression…

We help you create an eye-catching first impression that makes it impossible for the ladies to look away…

A simple strong message that will hook ‘em right away.
     Here’s how we work:
  • Take a screenshot of the girls’ profiles you find interesting and want to ask out. Make sure the screenshot includes the girl’s username, tagline, photos, and about me, hobbies, interests and who am I am looking for.

  • Send the screenshots to our dating experts.

  • Our writers will craft custom messages tailored to each girl you are interested in. Each message is curated to highlight the aspect of your personality the damsels will be most likely to fall for. A little bit of humor, a little bit of wit, and a speckle of charm! Strictly non-generic!

  • TA-DA! You have a list of all the messages that you can start sending to the ladies. Just get back to our writers if you need a revision. We will work with you unless you are completely satisfied and ready to hit the SEND button.

  • Relax and wait for a lop-sided victory sweeping those stunning women off their feet!

Stay Away from the Shotgun Approach Most Men Use

You see, men aren’t particularly articulate, charming, or witty with the written word.

They are more of a “doer” than a “sayer” …

Simply put, women get tons of boring messages every day including cheesy one-liners to poems full of praise

Remember, in order to fetch a response, the opening messages need to include elements like curiosity and cliffhangers…

And most importantly a glimpse into your unique personality, no lies, no facades…

We Can Help You Be the Most Dateable Version of Yourself!

Thanks to years of dating coaching experience and having worked with men and women from completely diverse backgrounds and walks of life, our writers are equipped with all the tools that make women crave to know more …

That’s precisely why not only can they help project the most dateable version of you, but they also help you master the online dating scene.

           Here’s how :

  • Tips:
    By pinpointing the mistakes that you have been making, the common mistakes that you must absolutely avoid, and how to get more women to date you.
  • Feedback:
    100% honest feedback on your current messaging strategy – what works and what usually backfires so you can start messaging confidently and get more dates on your own. A snow-ball effect!!

Go from 3 Messages in 30 Days to 30 Messages in 3 Days! will help you save time and energy in getting matches and impressing them enough to stay…

We do the legwork for you… So you can enjoy the intimacy back in your life!

Oh wait, we are not done!

We love to make things easier for you…

 And that’s precisely why we have designed three packages to help you get started:
  • Basic: 5 custom text messages along with tips and feedback $79
  • Starry: 10 custom text messages along with tips and feedback $99
  • Showstopper: $15 custom text messages along with tips and feedback $139

Sign up and stop feeling lonely today!