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Finding Love After 40:
How to Nail Your Online
Profile and Unlock
Your Love Life!

Are you a single lady over 40? Are you having a hard time getting into the online dating game? Struggling to find your voice in your online profile?

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Finding Love After 40: How to Nail Your Online Dating Profile and Unlock
Your Love Life!

Are you a single lady over 40? Are you having a hard time getting into the online dating game? Struggling to find your voice in your online profile?

Sign Up for Expert Dating Profile Advice Now!

Whether it’s your first time trying out the dating sites or you’ve been on them before but failed to see results with the right guys, putting yourself out there in the online dating world can be daunting.

Most of us struggle with writing about ourselves and what we want in life. Add in the fact that you might have been burned once or twice in your dating years and the thought of dating through a website can be downright frightening.

But have no fear! Our dating profile experts have over a decade of experience writing online dating profiles that help single women of every age find their Mr. Right. And they want to help YOU build the perfect profile by sharing their top dating profile writing advice and services. Ready to get started? Let’s do this.

Picking the Right Dating
Platform(s) For You

The wonderful world of online dating has exploded in the recent years. As such, there are tons of options for you to choose from when it comes to picking your preferred online dating platform.

The key is to know what your goal is (casual dating, serious relationship, marriage) and to select the platform that will enable you to meet it. Additionally, most sites will cater to all ages, but you might want to avoid those that are more focused on a young hook up scene.

For example, if you’re looking for something serious on a more traditional dating site, could be a great starting point for you. If you want to try something new and escape all the creeps that might be crawling into your inbox, Bumble is a perfect option since it puts the power in your hands to make the first move.

Making a Great First Impression with Your Username and Headline

First impressions could be your last, so it’s important to make yours count. On most dating platforms, your
username and headline are your first chance at good impression.

For some sites, your username might simply be your first name. Easy peasy. For others you might be challenged to
come up with something creative and catchy that gives a nod to your personality and invites in potential suitors. If you choose a site that asks you to create a name, think about things such as your profession, hobbies, or hometown and see if you can put a fun spin on it. A little bit of wit goes a long way here.

Similarly, almost every app will give you space to write a headline. This will be the first thing your viewers really read from you, so the goal is to pack it with personality while also leaving them wanting to know more.

Follow these rules when coming up with your username and tagline and

 You’ll be sure to make a solid first

Be clever               Be original

Be descriptive      Be personable

Feel like your intro isn’t making the splash you’d hoped for? Our dating profile writing experts are skilled at crafting usernames and headlines that attract all the right attention. We could all use a little help from our friends sometimes, and we want to help you get going in the online dating world with a personalized username and headline that packs the right punch.

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Crafting an Authentic ‘About Me’ Section

Most women really struggle when they get to the part of the process where they have to write about who they are. This seems to be especially true for women who have experienced more of life through the years. How are you supposed to pack more than forty years of life into a couple of paragraphs maximum, AND do it in language that your potential suitors would find interesting and attractive?

We know it isn’t an easy task

That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful hints for writing an authentic bio

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got your back. When you sign up for our services, a dedicated profile writing expert will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a one-on-one introductory call and spend the time getting to know YOU. Hobbies, interests, lifestyle, unique talents, dating goals, we’ll cover it all. We will learn everything we need to know to write an authentic bio as if it was your own, because it is! Meanwhile, all you have to do is let us know a time that works best for you and answer the call.

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Writing an Honest ‘What I’m Looking For’ Section

This is another section we see women struggle with quite often. But as a woman with more dating experience, you can really leverage your past relationships to write an honest and compelling description of what it is you are looking to get out the site or app.

You know what you want, and you know how to ask for it. This is where you get to do exactly that!

If you’re coming up empty handed or getting messaged by the wrong type of women, our best advice is to really dig deep and get specific. Take time to reflect on what is important to you at this point in your life. The more detail you can provide, the more likely you are to find compatible matches.

Selecting Photos That Pop

By now you know looks aren’t everything. But your dating profile wouldn’t be complete without a handful of scroll-stopping images.

When it comes time to picking the perfect photos,

    Follow this expert guidance

Start off with a smile. Your first image should be  a headshot showing off those pearly whites.

Spice it up with an array of images. Ideally, some of these will also showcase your adventurous side by featuring you engaging in your favorite free time activities.

Avoid group photos, basic selfies, or low-quality images that blur your features. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by frustrating your viewers

Keep it fresh with recent images that are no more than a couple of years old. It all comes back to being real and being

Do your profile photos need a makeover? Our experts can help. Beyond writing captivating text, we will work to make your profile picture-perfect with in-depth analysis of your current photo selections and expert advice for taking photos that put your best foot forward. We will even organize your images in the most effective order to optimize your ability to attract your dream man.
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Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Partner

Even with your experience and our above advice, building a flawless profile can
still be incredibly intimidating.

But you don’t need to stress! Our experts want to help you find your happily ever
after through a personalized dating profile that hits all the right notes.

There is definitely an art to creating an online dating profile that gets you
noticed and gets you dates, and our writers are masters. So let us do the heavy
lifting while you get back to your busy life and date-packed calendar.