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How to Write a Pros and Cons Tinder Bio – with

Pro: you’re reading a great article on writing a pros and cons Tinder bio Con: most people skip over the intros and miss out on funny parts!

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How to Write a Pros and Cons Tinder Bio – with

Pro: you’re reading a great article on writing a pros and cons Tinder bio Con: most people skip over the intros and miss out on funny parts!

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Many Tinder daters are looking for new and unique ways to attract the attention of potential matches, and the best way to do that is by spicing up your bio.

If you’re looking to add some interest to your Tinder bio, a great option is adding a pros and cons section. This growing trend is a simple way to describe yourself and an effective method for adding some humor into your about-me section.

Though it’s a fairly straightforward idea, there are productive and counterproductive ways to create your pros and cons section.

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The framework

The basic pros and cons structure is pretty simple, but there are multiple ways you can implement it.

Some prefer to make the pros and cons list their entire profile, some use it as just an intro or conclusion to their bio, and others will just weave them into bigger sections about themselves.

Any of these methods can be equally effective if done correctly, and in general, you really only need each pro and con to be paired. See a couple of examples below:

Pro: I’m an animal lover and enjoy my volunteer work at the shelter Con: We will have too many animals and I’ll cry at ASPCA commercials

Pro: I love to surf and just be in the ocean, we’ll go together all the time
Con: Sand everywhere

Pairs like these can be grouped together to tell a story about you or they can be added to small paragraphs about your life and interests!

The topics

Don’t go listing off your weaknesses like you’re prepping for a job interview. When it comes to a Tinder pros and cons list, you want to keep it informative but also light.

A great way to figure out what you want your pros and cons to say is to first list out the hobbies and personality traits you want your potential matches to know about.

This might include your weekend routines, favorite activities, your career, your goals for the future, facts about your personality, or even just interesting things you’ve done. See some examples here:

Pro: I love my job, always have stickers, and will leave you little notes with smiley faces Con: I have a teacher’s salary

Pro: I love being silly and making my partner laugh Con: Dad jokes and bad puns

Remember, your bio space is for letting your swipers know a little bit about you, so you still want your pros and cons list to tell them something!


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The humor

You shouldn’t expect to just compile your best and worst features into a list and start to attract perfect matches.

The comedic element of the pros and cons list style is one of the most important components. Not only should your list be descriptive, but it should also weave in a bit of your own humor.

The best part of using the pros and cons technique is writing them with a funny dichotomy. Think of the pro as the set up for a joke and the con as the punch line, or the pro as a mysterious description and the con as the reveal.

Sure, they don’t all have to follow these guidelines, but if you are looking to add in some humor it is a great way to get started. See this in action:

Pro: I have a nurse’s costume I plan to pull out for Halloween this year
Con: It’s scrubs, I’m a nurse, and I’m working on Halloween

Pro: I love animals and take care of four adorable dogs every day
Con: They’re mine… I have all the dogs

This not only begins to describe you in a fun way, but also demonstrates a bit of your comedic style as well. Your matches will have an easy time reaching out when they know some things you have in common and the kinds of things you find funny!

You’ll be learning all of their pros in no time!

The mistakes

Though usually effective, there are ways this pros and cons style can easily go wrong.

This Tinder bio style is meant to be a very casual way to inform other users about who you are, so if you take it too seriously it can ruin the fun and turn away your dates.

Common problems in these profiles tend to be pros and cons that are written too bluntly or in a negative light. See this problematic example:

Pro: I am interesting, smart, and funny Con: Nobody knows because they never give me a chance

This doesn’t come off as a person you’d want to talk to or get to know…

The point of writing your bio is to attract suitable matches with a bit of insight into you as a person, so keeping the tone happy and positive is best. Better examples would be:

Pro: My idea of a good time is going hiking and camping with everything I need on my back Con: You’re gonna have to keep up!

Pro: I love to cook and you’ll always be full of delicious food Con: My cooking style is very messy and involves a lot of singing dialog!

This way, your swipers can tell you are pleasant to talk to and will be fun to get to know!

The path to success

Adding a pros and cons section to your Tinder bio is a simple way to fill it out while avoiding having to craft full paragraphs about yourself.

No matter what your goal on Tinder is, this technique can certainly help you attain it when paired with a group of eye-catching photos and attractive, intriguing bio details.

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